Nieuws over de Palestijnse opstand

Analyses en berichten over de opstand in de bezette gebieden.

Israel, Suicide Nation
A nation which enslaves another forges its own chains. Lees verder  

Beyond “relative humanity” to a secular democratic state
The end of Zionism and its denial of the humanity of Palestinians will open the way to a single state that makes Israelis and Palestinians both moral and political equals, says the Palestinian writer Omar Barghouti. Lees verder

Who Won World War II?
World War II plays a major role in our conception of human history, because, unlike the senseless carnage of World War I, it stands for an ideological struggle between Good and Evil.Lees verder  

To be Intimidated is to be an Accomplice Notes on Anti-Semitism, Zionism and Palestine By TARIQ ALI Lees verder

Neo-Cons, Israel and the Bush Administration By STEPHEN GREEN Lees verder

Israel: democracy or demographic Jewish state?
The last few months have suddenly seen a flurry of activity. There have been an unprecedented number of political initiatives which have seemed to hold out the hope of a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or at least of bringing such a solution closer. There have been the Geneva Accord, the Olmert initiative, Sharon's plan with its mention of withdrawals from settlements in Gaza, the People's Voice, One Voice, and even the colonists want to present their own plan. You might ask yourself: why now.Lees verder

Israel democratie of demografisch joodse staat?
Of er nu een staat, twee staten of geen staat komt de enige werkelijk uitweg naar vrede is om die te baseren op democratische principes en niet op demografische. De bredere vredesbeweging en links in Israël zullen steeds meer gedwongen gaan worden om te kiezen tussen een democratische of een joodse staat. Wordt er geen keuze gemaakt dan houdt rechts met hun oplossing het initiatief.Lees verder

There is, in short, the practical need to include the Islamists. Without their acquiescence, armed resistance will continue; but their engagement is also important for the legitimacy of any outcome in the eyes of the Palestinian public and of regional players such as Syria and Iran. An accord between Israel and some Palestinian negotiators that simply ignores a major current of Palestinian opinion is unlikely to last.Read more

Twilight Zone / `I punched an Arab in the face'
Staff Sergeant (res.) Liran Ron Furer cannot just routinely get on with his life anymore. He is haunted by images from his three years of military service in Gaza Lees verder

Zionism as a Racist Ideology
Reviving an Old Theme to Prevent Palestinian Ethnicide Lees verder

De apartsheidmuur
Artikel uit De Brug het blad van SIVMO Steuncomité Israelische Vredesgroepen en Mensenrechtenorganisaties in samenwerking met Joods Palestijnse Dialoog groepen. Artikel is een pdf file tekst inclusief kaartjes van 1,1 mb Lees verder

Het akkoord van Geneve tussen Palestijnen en Israeliers Lees verder

US: the pro-Sharon thinktank Lees verder

A Road Map to Nowhere
Or: Much Ado About Nothing Lees verder

Routekaart leidt niet naar vrede
Na veel vertraging maakte het Kwartet – bestaande uit de VS, de VN, de EU en Rusland – op 30 april de lang verwachte ‘routekaart’ openbaar. Die moet in drie fasen leiden tot de beëindiging van het Israëlisch-Palestijnse conflict. Lees verder

Background/ Betting on Abu Mazen - to Lose
The "road map" has been unfurled at last, its destination a independent Palestine by 2005. So why are so many Israeli government hawks walking around with smiles on their faces? Lees verder

Is politiek-zionistische droom een vergissing?
Er vallen wekelijks doden en veel mensen verlaten het land. Ook economisch verkeert het land in een impasse. Zelfs het voortbestaan van Israël lijkt niet zonder gevaar.Lees verder

Een koloniale oorlog met afstandsbediening Het Israëlisch/Palestijns conflict in de Nederlandse media door Martin Hulsing

A strange kind of freedom  by Rober Fisk
"You mother-fucking-asshole-self-hating Jewish piece of shit. Hitler killed the wrong Jews. He should have killed your parents, so a piece of Jewish shit like you would not have been born. God willing, Arab terrorists will cut you to pieces Daniel Pearl-style, AMEN!!!"Lees Verder

Israel: the generals’ grand design Tanya Reinhart
Sharon’s present strategy of fighting the Palestinians to the last and imposing a new regional order follows the long-term vision of Israel’s political generals. For them, the failure of the Oslo peace process was not just inevitable, but a goal. Lees Verder

Living as hostages of hatred and racism  By Ada Ushpiz
The recent arrest of the Jarbouni sisters of Arabeh on charges of contact with a foreign agent and of aiding the enemy is not a popular topic in this Lower Galilee village, plagued by unemployment, economic recession and a growing sense of despair. Lees verder

Assessment of the situation
Reoccupation worse than pre-'93 military government Situatie in Palestina op dit moment eind mei door Adam Keller Lees verder

A brief history of the missed opportunity By Amnon Barzilai

Dagelijks berichten onder andere het AC bezoek aan Palestina (Periode 14-28 april 2002)

Five Dutch Activists in Palestina and Israel (English)

Foto galerij Jenin

Foto galerij Nablus

"Khan'' Magazine Special War Edition in English

Jenin: lichtgroen zijn de totaal vernietigde huizen en rood zwaar beschadigde huizen bron HRW

Living as hostages of hatred and racism By Ada Ushpiz
Israel: the generals’ grand design Tanya Reinhart
JENIN: IDF MILITARY OPERATIONS a raport of Human Right Watch
De strijd gaat door Ed Hollants
The struggle continues Ed Hollants
The struggle for a true peace by Yehudith Harel
Educating the Palestinians By Amira Hass 
After the Invasion Now What? By Jeff Halper
Sharon's Wars: How The News Gets Through
Oil and The Middle East: Why U.S. Foreign Policy Has To Change
A Rightwing Blueprint for the Middle East

Bringing Non-Violence to the West Bank
B'Tselem's Report: Illusions of Restraint  (download  272KB, Word 97)
Woman in Gaza By Nahda Sh'hada
Peace is just a word
Israel and South Africa in their own words
An honorable and noble death
A mere fraction of our capability By Meron Benvenisti
Don't shoot till you can see they're over the age of 12 By Amira Hass
Bericht uit Noord Israel
Lies accompanied by bullets By Amira Hass
The struggle for control, the end of a paradigm By Jeff Halper 

The UN cavalry has arrived, but is it too late to save the peace process? By Robert Fisk 'The Oslo agreement is dead. That is what this latest Middle East crisis is bout' 
Mount Temple By Tanya Reinhart
Humiliation of Palestinians triggers rush to war By Phil Reeves in Jerusalem
Al Aqsa mosque10 years ago By: Daoud Kuttab
American Zionism The Real Problem (1) By Edward Said
More on American Zionism(2) By Edward Said
Permission to killBy Yitzhak Laor
The iron fist in the peace process Roger Normand
Where 'caught in the crossfire' can leave no room for doubt Robert Fisk
The Provocation Uri Avnery

Analyses van vlak voor de opstand

"Peace Process" Prospects By Noam Chomsky (27 juli 2000)
Dark at the end of the tunnel By Edward Said (20 juli 2000) 

De Nederzettingen

Planning gone awry
Weaving the circle of folly

Twee kranten over de nederzettingenpolitiek van Israel uit 1992
uitgegeven en geschreven door Autonoom Centrum
De nederzettingen strategie
Een verhaal uit duizenden


The Jerusalem independent media center

The Israel independent media center

September 2000 clashes information centre, een Palestijnse nieuwsbron uit Ramallah. Een aantal malen per dag worden rapporten geplaats over de actuele situatie. Of dit blijft zal afhankelijk zijn van de mogelijkheid voor Palestijnen uit hun huis te kunnen gaan en of de electricitiet niet wordt afgesneden door Israel.

Palestinian Information Center

Hanthala Palestine is a global Palestinian network dedicated to international law and the respect for human rights. The network was established in 1998 by a group of Palestinians who felt the need to reorganise the grassroots in Palestine and in the diaspora. Its main criterium is drawn from a human rights perspective.

Ha'aretz de enigste Israelische krant die kritische artikelen plaatst. Je kunt vanaf hun pagina klikken op breaking news waar een aantal malen per dag korte berichten op geplaats worden.

Israel wire the latest news of Israel, vooral korte berichten

The Independent  goede commentaren en analyses van oa Robert Fisk

Gush Shalom is a non-partisan and extra-parliamentary grass roots movement, whose aim is to influence public opinion. Gush Shalom is composed of Jews and Arabs, Independents as well as members of political parties and other organizations.