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2 Arab citizens of Nazareth killed tonight
2 Arab citizens of Nazareth killed tonight by the
police, tens others injured:
Muhammad Omar Akkawi
Wissam Yazbak
2 Arab citizens of Nazareth killed tonight by the
police, tens others injured. A few hours ago a mob of
Jewish residents from Nazareth Ilit began attacking
the Eastern neighborhood of Nazareth. Among others
violent acts committed by the Jewish rioters was
shooting with live ammunition. The police who arrived
at the scene have directed their force at the Arab
residents under attack instead of at the Jewish
attackers, resulting in the death and injuries noted
Jewish mobs this evening attacked and sought to
overrun Arab homes in Nazareth, the largest
palestinian town in the state.
The anry mobsters reportedly hurled stones at Arab
homes, fired rubber-coated bullets and tear gas
cannisters at Palestinans.
Twenty five Palestinians were reported injured.
The Jewish attackers were shouting "death to the
Arabs" and "Go away from here." They also uttered
blasphemous slures against Islam, the Qura'an and the
Prophet Muhammed, poh. The Palestinians eventually
suceeded in repulsing the large Jewish mobs, despite
police intervention on the rabbles' side.
Calls from the Mosques were issued asking the people
of Nazareth to take to the streets to defend their
homes and families.
It is believed that the mobs may have received a green
light from the Israeli government to maraude through
the Arab city and go on the rampage in order to
intimidate the Palestinians in 1948-Palestine.
Earlier on Sunday, hundreds of Jews encircled the home
of Arab Knesset member Azmi Bishara, shouting "death
to the Arabs," and "we'll kill all the arabs."
Severe and unprecedented clashes between the
Palestinains and the Zionist police in the last 10
days left 13 Palestinains dead and over 300 injured.
At 2 AM this morning some 300 Jewish rioters attacked
the home of MK Bishara in Nazareth Ilit (a
predominantly Jewish
settlement built on the confiscated lands of Arab
Nazareth). The rioters, who stoned the house, were
equipped with torches
and declared their intention to burn the house down.
Due to repeated threats, MK Bishara and his family
were not at home at
the time. This attack was part of a wave of riots
which spread across the country, and continues until
now. Arab citizens, most
of them laborers at their place of work, have been
attacked, including with knives. Dozens of injured,
some critically, have
arrived at hospitals throughout the country.
Arab-owned businesses have been burned. Jewish rioters
have blocked roads and
junctions, burned tires, and stoned the police. In
Tiberias, for example, rioters committed hate-crimes
against Arab citizens,
despite the pres
The following is a summary of violent acts which took
place against Palestinian citizens of Israel on
Saturday, October 7, 2000:
Tel Aviv- Jaffa: Jewish citizens used molotov
cocktails to attack the Hasan Beiq mosque, the main
mosque in Jaffa-Tel Aviv.
Taibiria: The ancient mosque in Tiberias, a well-known
historical site, was also burned and distrued by a
large group of angry Jewish citizens. Ben Qariati,
mayor of Tiberias, endorsed the attacks on the mosques
in Tiberias when he stated that he "empathized with
the anger of the Jewish youth." (translated from the
Hebrew Media). This Mosque was attaked in the past and
the Arab citizens rebuild it before one mounth.

Jewish Israelis also burnt an Arab-owned bakery in
Nazareth Elite.
In the night 200 Jewish attacked cars and houses in
the street between Nazareth Elit and Nazareth. The
police didn’t arrest any body and of course didn’t
shoot live, gomy or gaz builts.
Dozens of Arabs were injured and are being treated in
area hospitals after the attacks.
In Tiberias, several Arabs were severely beaten by
groups of Jewish citizens, while police stood by and
refused to render aid. As the violence mounted, Arabs
citizens rendered assistance to Jewish citizens who
were injured in the clashes, but no Jewish citizens
offered aid to Arabs who were beaten or otherwise
Hillel Iafeh hospital : At the Jewish-run Hillel Iafeh
hospital, seven injured Arab citizens of Kfar Kare
village were denied treatment. Administrators told
them their national health insurance would not cover
injuries caused by ‘civil unrest.’
Chadera : The mosque in Chadera was set ablaze and
destroyed completely. Jewish Israelis also burned and
destroyed Arab-owned businesses throughout the town.
Or Akive: An Arab-run clinic in Akiva, a Jewish city,
was also burned. Dr. Nihad Gara, who runs the clinic
lives in Kfar Jut, an Arab village.
Municipal governments sent security forces to protect
synagogues in the Arab villages of Shefa’mer, Kfar
Yassef, and Beka’en, though the synagogues had not
become a target of violence.
Migdal Ha’aimech: Five Jewish Israelis pamphleted the
city of Migdal Ha’aimech near Nazareth with the
headline, "Coexistence is Dangerous!" The pamphleteers
asked merchants to boycott Arab cities such as
Nazareth, Jaffa, Cana, and to end business relations
with establishments in those cities. These citizens
also published phone numbers for a hotline which
offers advice for cutting relations with Arab
businesses. The last lines of the pamphlets included
greetings for a happy Yom Kippur.
We expect more accidents during Kippor Day. We will
try to update you.
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