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occupation of the Martinair headquarters, the 4th of december 1996

Amsterdam the 4th of december 1996

These are the information about an action by the Autonomous Centre at the headquarters of Martinair, a company that is mainly responsable for the group expulsions from the Netherlands. At this moment Martinair and the Autonomous Centre are discussing the future policy of the company.

Amsterdam, 4th of december 1996.


The Autonomous Centre from 10 o'clock onwards this morning has organised an occupation of the office of Martinair on Schiphol Airport.
This airway agency plays an important part in the expulsion of 'unwanted immigrants' in The Netherlands: refugees who have been turned down, illegal migrants, and other people without permit to stay.
Parallel to this action a streettheatre will perform in the Plaza and the hall of departures.

At this moment hundreds if not thousands rejected refugees live in the Netherlands, without papers and in great fear and uncertainty.
Each moment they can be deported to a country where their lives are endangered, or where 'only' imprisonment, torture or poverty awaits them.
The idea of a fair balance in judging asylum-requests or of a reasonable policy concerning working immigrants is long overdue. The policy is to keep as many people outside of Europe as possible; the figures must decrease, only that is of importance. The policy is mainly based on exclusion, imprisonment and expulsion.
Drama's of human misery consequently occur as a result of this policy.
The execution of this policy is only possible with the cooperation of employees of companies and social groupings. A policy which we reject and want to oppose actively.

The Netherlands is a precurser concerning group evictions within Europe. The most important 'partner' for transport of groups of 'immigrants' to be expelled is Martinair. With Martinair airplanes, the so-called 'Eurocharters', groups of refugees from different European countries are expelled from Europe.

An airport agency which uncritically places their means of transport at the disposal for the execution of the policy, is equally responsible for what happens to these people. It is too easy to say: the immigration policy has been established democratically and we only rent airplanes out.
Everybody, also companies, carries own responsibility.
A discussion about ethical enterprising should not be limited to the environment and the human-rights outside of Europe.

Up till now a chilling silence reigns concerning the cooperation of group evictions by Martinair.
It even occured that, while in France Air France refused to execute groupeviction after the clearing of the St. Bernard Church, Martinair flew to Paris and further with a number of refugees from Zaire.
We hope that with our action the silence within Martinair is broken and a discussion is set in motion.

- We demand an open discussion with representatives of Martinair (direction and workscouncil). A discussion in which employees also can take part. Until that time we will continue our occupation.
- We call onto Martinair to give an example as a company, that takes its responsibility concerning human misery, by stopping excecutions of expulsions.
- We call onto people to take action in case Martinair continues with the expulsion of 'unwanted immigrants'.