an anonymous reporter (it could be you)

Amsterdam - Sept. 15th 2001 "We are planning a broad and sustained
campaign to secure our country and eradicate the evil of terrorism, and we
are determined to see this conflict through. Americans of every faith and
background are committed to this goal," said President Bush this Saturday
morning. Later in the afternoon, sitting in Camp David with his National
Security Council, he replied to questions: "We will find those who did
this, we will smoke them out of their holes, we will get them running, and
we will bring them to justice." As the US goes into war by dragging its
allies into a full scale hunting season against Muslims for years to come,
it is to us to tell the people the real stories behind the full rhetoric
used by all Western political leaders, and to empower our fellow humans so
that they can make real grassroots change happen.

"Of course, with this new war we will witness more civilian victims, both
in the rest of the world as well as in the US," said a CIA terrorism
expert today on Dutch television. Whenever there is war, there is
revolutionary upheaval. With major examples of revolutionary times in
Europe 1917, when people in Germany took over their factories and harbours
and installed selfgovernment (to be counter-attacked by the State months
later) and in Russia when in February a real peoples' movement made the
Russian army and therewith WWI to a stand-still (to be counter-attacked by
the Bosjewiky in October 1917.) This time, a sustained revolution must
come about. However, for progressive-left-wingers it is not yet so much
to carry it out, rather the immidiate role is to make people conscious of
the fact that peace can only come about with full-scale justice - not with
full-scale war. Only real justice can save the problems in the world, the
problems in our local communities and the dilemmas in our hearts.

This is a call for Freedom. Not the same Freedom as US President Bush
jr., and with him all other 'democratic leaders' of the West are referring
to. Cause that's the freedom called 'the American Way of Life'. No! We
demand true freedom; true democracy. Freedom for all and Justice for all.
Justice by counteracting the war they are installing right now, and
freedom by removing all governments in the world by supplanting it; by
making the state needless through collective and grassroots self-rule.
Freedom by creating new ways of living that are not based on capitalistic
and patriarchic values but on human values; on true - direct and
grassroots - democracy. Listen, it is not good that thousands of innocent
people die by way of a terrorist act, but the symbol of being immune and
that the West can do whatever it feels like, just had to go.

The first step to make justice happen is by making peace happen in the
Middle East. The only way by making this peace happen is by restoring the
sovereignty of the Palestine people. "Even genuine Rabbis have always
opposed the Zionist State". The second step will be a complete withdrawal
of U.S. and other Western imperialist economic and military agencies from
the Middle East. Mecca and Jerusalem are the two cities where modern
religious freedom originates from. It is this religious freedom that must
be restored NOW. But religious freedom must be free too. People must be
free to live the lives they want, without constraints of religious values.
It is for people to recognise they differ in life-styles and values, so
no-one can impose a certain moral to others. Not with guns as the US
does, not with cloths as in Iran.

This peace will come. But not now. Maybe in 2012, as Islamic Prophets
say. For now, it is to make non-governmental organisations and so-called
intellectuals to convince governments of the West that terrorist acts can
only be prevented by creating the conditions for peace and international
equity, and by arresting terrorists present in western countries. O.Bin
Laden, may he die peaceful, is not the head of an international terrorist
organisation. He is just a charismatic person who feels a lot of anger
and has a lot of money. You do not take his money or his anger away by
killing him. May he be killed by guns or the electric chair, for many
others he will soon after be someone to follow, as was Jesus. The people
who flew the planes into the WTC, the Pentagon and almost into Camp David,
were living in our own countries without any surveillance of the state's
intelligence services, cause these agencies were too busy counter-spying
each other businesses. O. Bin Laden did not train these kids. He trains
the military of the Afghanistan Taliban. O.Bin Laden did not finance
these kids, he might only have helped Bush's enemy creation number 1,
Saddam Hussein, with bringing him into contact with some crazy idiots
whose families receive money if they kill themselves in an act which makes
them think they go to Heaven. Personally isolated as they are, together
these terrorists constitute a network of religious fanatics without
leaders, they only have a goal to follow. Like fanatic Christians in
Belfast, Ireland.

The second thing that must be done instantly is spreading as much
alternative information out on the streets and through Free Media as
possible. Our words of resistance against their sounds of guns. Action
is good, but remember: the more directed against western economic
security, the more you will be labelled a terrorist against their freedom
and way of life too. Go out on the streets for the people. Don't go on
the streets for the Corporate Media. Go, and bring non-violently some bad
things directly to a stand-still, such as weapon trade-fairs, weapon
arsenals, animal ill-treatment, G.M.O., infrastructure projects and
nuclear power. Campaign on real issues such as Peace, the War on Drugs,
Climate Change, Palestine, Bio- and Cultural diversity and Environmental
and Social Justice. Concentrate on the complete unjust international
inequality, which is still growing each year and forms the root cause.
Concentrate on the real issues of why millions of children die each year,
of why millions of refugees flee (and die in our oceans, prisons and
trucks) and of why a bunch of lunatics think it is allright to kill
thousands of innocent people in their struggle against modern imperialism.